How to pick the right name for your store, business or brand? Here are professional online store name ideas and tips you can use!


The market online is pretty competitive, meaning your store name can make or break your success. It is essential to strategize, analyze, and put your best effort when picking a name for your business, brand, and online store.

In order to help you, we’ve discovered what professionals and experts have to say about ideas, practices, and ways of picking store names.

Here are some of the best online store name ideas and tips you can use:

  • Ensure it is unique – Before you decide to use a certain name you need to conduct a name search and make sure the name is unique. Without a proper search, you are risking of facing a trademark infringement case on a name that has already been registered and used. Do your own search and ensure your name is original.
  • Create a team for brainstorming ideas and combinations – Involving more people in the process is highly recommended. You can create a team for brainstorming ideas and combinations. Find creative people for the team and then set the criteria. A few criteria you can use are: works in multiple ways from concept to course name, is engaging, can be sustainable over time, sounds good when spoken, looks good, beginning of alphabet if possible, includes playful element.
  • Make it obvious what you sell – All small business owners should choose a store name that makes it pretty obvious to the buyer who you are, what your company is all about, and what you sell. Keep in mind that the more your name reflects your business, the more the name will be obvious and will resonate with your buyers.
  • Your store name should tell a story – When potential customers, business partners, or random people ask what your store or business name means, make sure to share an interesting story to back it up. Today, there is so much competition in the market and buyers are seeking more than just a product. They want to connect with your business and your store on a personal and emotional level.
  • Don’t limit yourself too much – Being too specific is not always a good idea. You don’t have to use a general name just because it sounds simple. There are no limits, the important thing is to be creative.

Are you ready to come up with a store name that can awe and impress?


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